Valabasas - V-Ink Black White - Jacket - Clique Apparel
Valabasas - V-Ink Black White - Jacket - Clique Apparel

Valabasas - V-Ink Black White - Jacket

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Elevate your style quotient with the "V-INK" BLACK WHITE JACKET, a visually striking piece that encapsulates the vibrancy and dynamism of urban fashion. Carefully curated in the spirited landscape of New York, this jacket is a canvas of bold contrasts, rendered in the timeless and versatile BLACK WHITE palette, promising an arresting visual appeal that effortlessly turns heads wherever you go.

Dive into the Noteworthy Attributes of the "V-INK" BLACK WHITE JACKET:

  • Adorned with the signature VALABASAS™ branded hardware, reflecting an unspoken commitment to quality and style.
  • The jacket is crafted from premium materials, ensuring not only longevity but also offering a comfortable wearing experience.
  • Its commanding BLACK WHITE color scheme exudes a contemporary elegance, creating a compelling balance between the classic and the modern.
  • The "V-INK" graphic is artfully placed on the jacket, adding an element of intrigue and artistic flair to the overall design.
  • Designed for versatility, the jacket features a comfortable fit that is both flattering and accommodating, making it suitable for various body types.
  • Every detail is thoughtfully executed, from the carefully placed pockets to the robust zippers, ensuring functionality meets style.
  • The piece is proudly designed in New York, echoing the city’s relentless energy and iconic fashion ethos.

Care Guidance: Maintain the crisp BLACK WHITE contrast by washing the jacket in cold water with a gentle detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals and opt for air drying or tumble drying on a low setting to retain the vibrancy and integrity of the colors and fabric.

Sizing Recommendations: Opt for your usual size for a fit that is snug yet comfortable. If a relaxed, roomier fit aligns more with your style, consider selecting a size up. The "V-INK" BLACK WHITE JACKET is more than a clothing item—it’s a declaration of individual style, a conversation starter, and a testament to the vibrancy of urban fashion. With this jacket, you don’t just wear a piece of clothing—you wear a statement, an attitude, a vibe that is uniquely and unapologetically yours!




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